EIM Consulting

Information is a valuable enterprise asset. A successful information management strategy involved designing effective interactions between processes, people and systems. As global IT trends shift from technology to information, it is increasingly important for organizations to take advantage of their business information assets. Syssoft helps organizations to design and implement the governance, polices, procedures, processes and supporting technologies required to manage, protect and leverage their information assets.

We help organizations design and implement an information management strategy that simultaneously addresses your information management needs from a compliance, privacy, security, risk, tax, and business process perspective. Our broad expertise in information management and risk management enable us to develop pragmatic solutions to address your privacy, security, retention and compliance needs while making information available to support your business processes and provide the insight required to make informed decisions.

Following is a list of data management services that we offer:

  • Enterprise data governance strategy
  • Data governance organizational structure, processes and policies
  • Data governance requirements
  • Technical architecture for trusted data
  • Enterprise data governance implementation – methodology & project management
  • EIM review, maturity assessment & roadmap
  • EIM technology assessment, evaluation and selection
  • Enterprise metadata management strategy
  • Enterprise data quality strategy & DQ firewall implementation
  • Data Virtualization Strategy & Implementation
  • Information Protection Strategy and Implementation Methodology
  • Information Lifecycle Management Strategy & Implementation
  • Master data management (MDM) strategy & methodology
  • MDM requirements & readiness review
  • MDM review, maturity assessment & roadmap
  • MDM technology assessment, evaluation and selection
  • MDM implementation project management

Syssoft also offers consulting services in the following areas:

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